This mission statement is a work in progress; I’ve never written one before, and after some reflection I’d like to start with this and then change it as I go along and notice that I haven’t quite phrased things correctly. –Mel, September 19, 2010

I am an interdependent being. I love and care for my family first and foremost, and my friends, and I allow them to love and care for me. I acknowledge and believe that I am a wonderful and worthwhile being, and I trust that others will see that because of the way I choose to live my life. I trust that those who love me will always be there to catch me. I am self-reliant, but I am not alone.

I never betray a trust that has been placed in me.

I live in the present. I live with joy and share that joy with those around me.

I dream wildly and freely, and pursue the dreams I have. I seek to empower and and assist others in reaching their dreams along the way as I pursue my own. I prepare myself at all times so that I may be ready to take opportunities to realize my dreams, and I am awake and aware of myself and the world around me so that I may recognize those opportunities when I am blessed with them.

I am thankful and humbled by the graces that have come into my life.

I am a steward of my talents and my resources. I will make sure I have the physical, financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual means to care for myself and others. I actively seek opportunities to share what I have and what I know.

I live with mindfulness and intent.

I strive to clearly communicate my thoughts, feelings, actions, and goals to others. I default to open, even when nobody else is watching.

I am a learner and a teacher. I lead by teaching, and I teach by example. The most important thing for me to model to my students is how to live a good life, rich and full of learning and of love.

I run fast and hard and joyfully, and I stop and breathe when I or someone I am running with needs it. I do not leave anyone behind.

I take time to reflect and to discern in stillness what it is that I must do before I do it. I continuously seek and recalibrate against that which I am called by God to be. I pay attention to the details of the things that are important. I do not get distracted by the trivial and unimportant.

I actively invite feedback and thank others for the lessons they are teaching me, especially the lessons that are hardest for me to learn. I seek to listen and to understand before I speak.

I face my fears and difficulties and embrace and thank them as opportunities for learning and growth.

I am fully aware that it is always my choice, at any given moment, to do what is right. I am grateful for this freedom and the responsibilities it places upon me.

I allow myself to feel, hope, and love. Even when it is painful, it is still worth it to be fully alive.

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