Language: English is my native language. I have a basic understanding of ASL. 我能说一点儿中文. Ich lerne Deutsch. Feel free to contact me in any of these languages and I’ll respond in kind.

IRC: I might already be online as mchua on IRC ( and If I’m not flagged as mchua_afk or similar, feel free to ping; you should get pretty fast response rates.

Email: [my-first-name] at [my-first-name] [my-last-name] dot com

Email is my preferred means of communication. I usually respond within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard back from me by that time, feel free to resend your message; I get a lot of email, and sometimes things get snagged by spam filters or otherwise sucked into mysterious black holes.

Phone: Text (+1) 847.970.8484 — the “text” part is important; I’m deaf.

Face-to-face: I travel frequently and publish my upcoming trips, and stash my suitcases approximately 2 hours from Chicago and 1 hour from Indianapolis when they are not in active use.

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