Language: English is my native language. I can converse comfortably in ASL. Ich lerne Deutsch. Feel free to contact me in any of these languages and I’ll respond in kind.

Email: [my-first-name] at [my-first-name] [my-last-name] dot com.

I often drop into “making mode” and deliberately become hard to reach outside my projects, cheapest so I can devote my time to doing them well (and even more importantly, enjoying life and my awesome family and friends). However! I do love meeting people and having thoughtful conversations, so feel free to email if you have something that might make my life more interesting. For the reasons stated above, I’ll only respond to messages and proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interests. (Hat tip to Cal Newport’s contact page.)

I do not accept commercial requests for advertising, guest posts, or similar on this blog; those will automatically be ignored.

Face-to-face: My usual airport is Boston Logan, in case you’re passing through town and want to meet up.

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