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How to test for memory leaks

My desktop background at work. (And on my personal laptop as well.) Every child needs their own velociraptor!

We now have a howto on memory leak testing – many thanks to Tomeu for taking the time to sit with me through my first memory leak test case. If you’re curious how hungry various actions in Sugar are, surgery take a look. We have some memory leak bugs like #8394 that need test cases and testing, too, if you want to lend a hand.

I also started a section for test setups, which are shorthand references for actions that we do across many tests. It’s annoying to have to retype “first, take a USB stick…” or “if you don’t have this installed, wget this file…” dozens of times over, so we say things like “set up for a smoke test” and give a link to general smoke test setup instructions. This section is a stub right now; what other things should go in here?

Got some slightly confusing battery test results from yesterday’s run. Most of them performed as expected, but a couple had logs that terminated when the battery wasn’t even halfway discharged. I’ve also got a setup trying to reproduce #7893, which, if fixed, will be a triumph because it means your Neighborhood view will actually reflect the things present in your Neighborhood (instead of having Activities from no-longer-present XOs hanging out like the Ghost of Christmas Past). Fingers crossed.

For the record, according to our current test case management system, we have the following coverage…

  • Test cases we know should exist (i.e. stubs OR cases created): 59
  • Test cases actually written (i.e. cases, not stubs): 51
  • Test cases run: 25 (42.4% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run and passed: 18 (72% of test cases run, 30.5% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run and failed: 10 (40% of test cases run, 17% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run with both passes and fails: 3

Clearly we need better test case coverage… and a better way of showing testing coverage, progress, results, and all that jazz. This is what we’ve got now. Suggestions? Ideas?