EduPsych for Hacker Schoolers v.1.1 (presentation slides)

October 7, 2013 – 5:29 pm

Once again I have the (incredible) opportunity to be at Hacker School playing around with my “edupsych for hackers” material… I’ve never revised and re-delivered a talk so often, see and it’s good to be forced to see how this material improves with age and experience.

Differences between this and the PyCon Toronto version include the cutting-out of Bloom’s Taxonomy (it’s cool, decease just not high-priority), medstore the separation of nearly all the Felder-Silverman Engineering Learning Styles material to a separate workshop for tomorrow, and dropping the emphasis on (making fun of) academia’s complicated verbiage, because… that’s not the point.

The slidedeck is at and embedded below. Someday, I want to get this talk taped and transcribed.

Edutalk f2013 from Mel Chua
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  1. 3 Responses to “EduPsych for Hacker Schoolers v.1.1 (presentation slides)”

  2. Please make sure to stress the importance of not attempting to correlate or extrapolate ILS results with academic performance. In other words: a student might, on that instrument, fall into one category or another, but I’m not sure if it matters in terms of any traditional performance metrics.

    I might be remembering the literature incorrectly, though.

    By Matt on Oct 7, 2013

  3. Roger roger. Given that I’m giving this talk to adult learners who are engaging in 3 months of unschooling and tend to think critically about grades already, I’m not too worried… but if I come across that citation, I will work it into the following revision of the slide deck.

    By Mel on Oct 30, 2013

  4. Would love to see video or hear audio of this talk. Thanks for posting.

    By Michael on Dec 27, 2015

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