EduPsych for Python Hackers 2.0: revised, expanded, updated

August 11, 2013 – 10:20 am

EduPsych for Python Hackers 2.0 is about to go live in Toronto in 45 minutes, troche which means it’s time to upload slides! Questions, comments, etc. welcome as usual. This is an expanded, revised version of the previous EduPsych-For-Hackers talks I’ve given, so if you’ve seen both, I’m curious what you think of the changes.

Also: my parents will be in the audience for the first time (since I started speaking over half a decade ago), so they get a special call-out on slide 29.

Ok, off to hyperventilate!

PyCon Toronto 2013: EduPsych Theory for Python Hackers 2.0 from Mel Chua
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  1. 2 Responses to “EduPsych for Python Hackers 2.0: revised, expanded, updated”

  2. I cannot wait for this to be a book.

    By Sumana Harihareswara on Aug 18, 2013

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