Video (subtitled!) and transcript for 2013 PyCon talk, “EduPsych Theory for Python Hackers”

March 22, 2013 – 11:05 pm

The video for my 2013 PyCon talk, pfizer “EduPsych Theory for Python Hackers, adiposity “ is up. It’s 27 minutes and 56 seconds long, and you can view the subtitled version

(Disclaimer: I’m transcribing my own talk about a week after having given it, but I am deaf, so I’m typing this out through a combination of residual hearing, remembering what I said last Thursday, lipreading myself in the video, and reading slide content. It’s probably 98% accurate; patches welcome on Universal Subtitles.)

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  1. 2 Responses to “Video (subtitled!) and transcript for 2013 PyCon talk, “EduPsych Theory for Python Hackers””

  2. I liked the talk so again thanks. My first exposure to Dreyfus model was through “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware” by Andy Hunt and it seriously changed the way I think about learning new things and solving problems. It is written in a style suitable mostly for software developers who are self-teaching. A nice glimpse what is covered is in a mindmap that’s on first pages of the book:

    I really wish something like that was covered in introductory classes at universities. Some people “get it” intuitively, but some could sure use some introduction :-)

    By Stanislav Ochotnicky on Mar 23, 2013

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