Eucalyptus: a first community business card design

February 10, 2012 – 12:50 am

Update 22 hours later: Jef and Dave sent in card and logo redesigns, approved and we now have a much-improved second version of the card, look which you should use instead. Thanks, prescription guys!

Folks, we’ve got a business card template. Here’s a preview.

Disclaimer: I’m not a graphic designer, as this template makes painfully obvious. I threw this together in 16 minutes (yes, I timed myself) so it’s a very basic design. The colors and fonts don’t even match the Eucalyptus logo. However, you can use this design to run a pre-cut business card sheet through a home or hotel printer, and that’s what we need, because people are going to events tomorrow. (Actually, at this hour, I think it may even be today already.)

The template is a LibreOffice file, so you’ll need that installed before you can edit it. (LibreOffice is cross-platform and commonly available in Linux distributions – OpenOffice would work too.)

You’ll also need Gillius ADF, a Libre font from the “Gillius Collection” – download it here. I chose this font because it’s also commonly available in the repositories of Linux distributions. Ubuntu calls it ttf-adf-gillius and Fedora calls it adf-gillius-fonts so you can yum or apt-get install to your heart’s content.

Once you have those prerequisites installed, head to this ticket to download the template. Enjoy – and if you know graphic design better than I do, please feel free to fix.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Eucalyptus: a first community business card design”

  2. Hi Mel!

    I definitely think you should do some quick colour matching, as you pointed out. Colour matching is one of the quickest, easiest yet most impressive ways to improve a design. The green used in the logo is especially nice, I think, it’s very vibrant and distinctive.

    Also, extra whitespace is always good. Especially around the edges, because business cards will get crumpled.

    I like Gillius ADF, btw, I think that’s a good choice.

    Here’s what I quickly mocked up in Inkscape (sorry that I didn’t do it in LibreOffice!)… (source)

    For these I put the Eucalyptus logo on its side, because I felt that putting it horizontally causes it to take up too much space. Just an idea.

    I hope the text isn’t too small – I don’t have much experience with designing business cards so it’s hard for me to judge the size.

    Hope this will be of use. Feel free to ignore. ;)


    P.S. I love reading your blog, keep up the great work! :)

    By Jef van Schendel on Feb 10, 2012

  3. Ah, forgot about two other points:

    - Inkscape has four default business card templates. I picked ISO 7810 because I wasn’t sure which one you used: none of the defaults had the same proportions as your example.

    - I copied the logo from the LibreOffice file, because I couldn’t find a vector version on the Eucalyptus website. The business cards will be small so pixelation won’t be much of an issue, but vectors are always nice.


    By Jef van Schendel on Feb 10, 2012

  4. Thanks for this, Mel.

    Important to understand a few things about this, also:

    1. It’s a first cut. It’s a good first cut, but it’s highly likely to change at some point, so don’t print 1000 of them. Print enough for your next show. :)

    2. Because we don’t have our trademark policy yet, use of this design is restricted to those who have explicit permission to do so. Which we will give quite liberally, but still, that permission is legally required to ensure that we maintain legal control over our trademarks.

    So if you want that permission, find us on IRC (#eucalyptus, or the mailing list ( and let us know of your intention to use these cards. If you’re even considering this, it’s likely to be a very brief conversation that ends with us saying “approved, go for it.”

    By Greg DeKoenigsberg on Feb 10, 2012

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