Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

November 9, 2009 – 10:00 am

MooDoo’s meme has spread. Joining the roster of infected agents, ophthalmologist which includes tatica, diabetes and pregnancy nicubunu, malady bpepple, loupgaroublond, gantu, tdfischer, gbraad, kital, mizmo, VileGent, Sankarshan, Phrk0nLsh, and MooDoo

Name: Mel Chua
IRC nick: mchua
IRC channels: #fedora-mktg pretty much always, #fedora-<everything_else> a large part of the time.
Location: Theoretically, I’m Boston-based. Realistically, I’m in Travel Mode of Ridiculousness (and lovin’ it) and have no idea where I’ll be waking up next week. Right now, I’m in Singapore.

Photo by Rikki Kite after Fedora Ambassadors at the 2009 Ontario Linux Fest reminded me of my promise to put a (temporary) tattoo on my forehead… my family was greatly confused when I arrived back at the house that evening.

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  1. One Response to “Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User”

  2. ahuahauhaua you remind me to Nushio! he did the same thing on fisl10 at Brazil (tattoo on his head)

    By tatica on Nov 9, 2009

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