The POSSE logo: progression

July 11, 2009 – 3:21 pm

Just for fun, cure here’s how the logo for POSSE was created, with many thanks to Mo for the design help!

I took Mo’s sketch…

…and had some fun in Inkscape. Note that my color-pickin’ skills are more or less on par with a blind dog’s.

And then Mo went *apply-design-skillz!* and I went *zomgawesometweak!* and a bit of tinkering later we have…

…okay, the stuff that’s getting printed isn’t going to have the “w00t,” because I think most people are slightly more conservative than I am with regards to what they’d like on cards they’re handing out to university administrators. Variants are available at, including a just-the-owl version and 2 and 3 color gradientless versions for screenprinting.

Next up: a more serious and comprehensive update on the state of POSSE, which is coming up in just a week.

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  1. 2 Responses to “The POSSE logo: progression”

  2. Could do with a little more tightness on the owls head area vs. rounded body… Posse, is reading more Pusse to me. Though you may get many more applicants than expected. Feel free to remove this comment if it fails your decency test!

    By Gary on Jul 11, 2009

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